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anniejackson's Journal

Annie Jackson
13 August
External Services:
Twitter: Annie_Jackson
My Personal Site: www.AnnieJackson.me
I am the founder of: Fashion Students Online


On my personal site I am currently documenting designing a collection from start to finish.

Fashion Students Online is a resource for fashion learners from anywhere in the world. Tutorials, Reviews, Interviews and Articles are provided on all topics of fashion design learning such as designing, illustration, patternmaking, and textile sciences.

Users are encouraged to submit content. FSO is run by volunteers and is community driven!


My areas of specialty:
- Custom couture patternmaking
- Patternmaking in general
- Draping
- Couture sewing
- books (I have well over 100 books in my personal library -- mostly textbooks, about a third are patternmaking)
- Special occasion wear

My sources of inspiration:
- Shapes
- Subtle textures
- Wrought Iron
- Masculine Imagery
- Bustles
- and of course much more!